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If you know our family, you know how often we move….not really for any reason in particular, it just seems like our housing expiration date is about 18 months.  Well, our last move was in 2007 to Airdrie, broke our record and *gasp* we actually grew roots.  I have been driving the same stretch of the Queen Elizabeths Highway to and from my airport job for six years.  Over those six years I have passed an old house on a farm with a bunch of dilapidated out buildings.  For quite a while I thought the house was inhabited.  Sometimes the gate to the gravel road was open, sometimes closed.  Finally one day I decided to just stop and take a closer look.  The little white house you see was behind a row of trees so it was hard to tell.  Well, behold!  The house was vacant!!  I’m sure my happy dance in the driveway was a sight to behold for those passing down the highway.  You see the temptation for old vacant things is hard for me to pass up.  The thoughts of it being ‘trespassing’ far from my mind and the only thing running through my head is “oh~M~gee, the cool shots I can take!”

So with a a couple of great friends (I say that because, really, you would have to be a very special type of friend to follow me and my crazy ideas for the sake of photos) we met at the house looking to get some cool shots and boy oh boy did we!  I had a chance to utilize this spot other time until it became a photographers stomping ground and now they have posted the”official” no trespassing signs….with those you can’t claim ignorance and cry your way out of it, so needless to say I am now in search of another vacant old timer (feel free to message me with leads).  When I do you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll be my secret spot;)

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I’m really not sure why I gravitate to taking pictures from the knees down……  All my clients have been so infectious, fabulous and down right amazing to shoot but I always need to get in a shot of their feet.  It’s kind of an ongoing BaHa with my friends that one day I will pen a coffee table book of the “Knees Across Canada”.    Come to think of it, may be I should research it and see if there is already one out here.

That being said, I really wanted to showcase the creative photos of all my patient clients letting me make them headless.  One gal that I continuously photograph sometimes wonders if I don’t find her attractive because of so many headless shots (truth be told, she has the most AMAZING knees around town!).  Without further ado …. I bring to you~  “The Knees of Western Canada”:D

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Do creative people just tend to meet each other by chance or do they gravitate towards each other?  When I stop and think about it….. a whole bunch of my friends are creative.  It’s really amazing how creatively great they are and truly inspirational.

One friend in particular is an amazing artist ~ Jacqueline Auvigne.   She is the ultimate gal with an eye for color.

She had me come to her studio to catch her in action and get some shots done for the revamping of her website.  Without a doubt I was there with bells on!

Here are a few of the awesome photos from that afternoon~can’t even begin to express how much unbelievable fun was had!

*oh and as a side note…check out those amazing shoes she paints in~of course I ‘had’ to get in a foot shot (those of you that have shot with me know how I love the shoe shot!)

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  • March 2, 2014 - 19:57

    Janet - Love all my creative friends too! Such great colours and those SHOES!!!!!ReplyCancel